Born in Malaysia, Sam Gopal started to learn to play Tablas from the age of seven.
Came to London to study in 1962.

1965/66 he started the SAM GOPAL DREAM with Mick Hutchinson on guitar, Pete Sears on bass, and Andy Clark (Keyboards) joined a little bit later. In 1967 recorded a few tracks for Screen Gems with Gus Dudgeon as engineer.

In 1968 started the next band SAM GOPAL with Lemmy.(guitar/ vocals), Roger D'Elia (guitar) and Phil Duke on bass. Recorded an album "Escalator" for Stable Records. Were managed by Robert Stigwood. Also recorded a Single "Horse" / "Back Door Man" .

In 1969 started the next band, also called SAM GOPAL, with Alan Mark (vocals), Mox Gowland (harmonica & flutes), Micky Finn Waller (guitar), and Freddie Gandy (bass). Recorded a few tracks for Stable including "Somebody stole the Sun".

Spent some time in Amsterdam and changed the name of the band from SAM GOPAL to "COSMOSIS". Managed by R.Cole/Peter Grant, and brought in Bernie Holland (guitar). Recorded a few tracks for the Led Zep people. Around this time'71, Sam Gopal had a bad motor accident, and sidelined for a couple of years. During this period, recorded an album "Building B".

In 1976 went to Paris, and there recorded for Radio France "Feedback" and "Backfeed" with Didier Malherbe (sax) and Patrice Lemoine (piano).

From 1981 to 1988, spent time in Nepal, where he had been studying Tablas the previous years, and to continue further, and also allowing his own music to come through.

In 1988, he came to Berlin and started in 1989 his next "one off" band "SANGIT" with a live recording at the Berlin/Philharmonie /Kammermusiksaal. "SANGIT" recorded the soundtrack for "The Great Moghuls", six documentary films for Channel Four.

In 1990 Sam Gopal recorded an album "Soap Opera" with Andy Clark (Keyboards & vocals) in Berlin. In 1991, he recorded the next album "Not For Sale" (working title) with Andy Clark (Keyboards & vocals) and studio musicians, also in Berlin.

In the 90`s Sam Gopal put together his need and desire to extend his music into the 12 tone Tabla direction, which opens up a whole new melodic world of over-tones and rhythms for him.

Around this time Sam Gopal recorded his own album "FATHER MUCKER" which got completed in 1999. On track 5 "SOLID WATER BLUES" you hear the First Blues played on Tablas in the history of Music.

Since the release of "FATHER MUCKER" in June 1999, he is completing preparations for his next album "FINGER McTRIP".


In 1980 recorded in Olympic Studios London, few tracks including
"Sell out Joe" (Vocals), "Falling In" and "Showdown".

In 1989 recorded an album "Largo" in Zurich.

In 1992, a Live Recording of Sam Gopal's one-off Band "Brain Tonic", also called Brain Tonic.

In 1993, recorded an album "Blind Man's Movie" in Munich.